Home IT Help

In my home, people are always in need of help with technology. There are so many different scenarios in the home or for a small businessthat require a bit of help in order to have technology work with you, instead of against you. 

- I can't print from my device.

- The tablet or phone isn't syncing with the PC.

- The tablet isn't talking to the TV.

- The kids' homework isn't printing!

- I'm regularly being hacked or have to deal with bugs. How can i stop this?

- I work from home and need better data storage solutions. What should I do to protect my work/data?

- How do I use this stupid thing ?

- How do I connect my computer to my TV

- I have a new device but can't get it on my network.

- How do I create a formulae in excel to do this?

- Am I secure and protected to transact on-line.

- How do I know if this website is safe?

- Wow I didn't know it can do that!

- How can I stop all these annoying notifications?

These are just a few of the common scenarios where you can contact me now for help and get your technology working for you!